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Gehlot showed magic, Rajiv’s car went straight instead of turning right and changed the politics of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Political Crisis: The tussle that is going on between the Delhi Durbar of Congress and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is reminiscent of the year 1988. At that time also some similar politics was seen, which is being seen between Sonia Gandhi and Gehlot at this time. It is said that even at that time a person with the support of 25 MLAs was made the successor in front of the veteran with the support of 87 MLAs.

Haridev Singh Joshi used to be the Chief Minister of Congress and Ashok Gehlot was the Congress chief in the state. Rajiv Gandhi had a spectacular victory in the year 1984-85. This victory made many non Rajasthani leaders as MPs. In this, apart from Rajesh Pilot, Sardar Buta Singh, Balram Jakhar, some other leaders were involved. All these MPs formed a faction along with Ashok Gehlot and Shivcharan Mathur and opened a front against Haridev Singh Joshi.

After reading this incident, you may get a glimpse of the politics of today’s Rajasthan. There is not a single Lok Sabha MP from Congress in Rajasthan, but out of 6 MPs in Rajya Sabha, 5 have the tag of outsider. These include Dr. Manmohan Singh, Randeep Singh Surjewala, Mukul Wasnik, Pramod Tiwari and KC Venugopal.

Tiger likes to eat Chief Minister

Now call it misfortune or destiny, there was a severe drought in the year 1986-87 in Rajasthan. After this, in the year 1988, the then Prime Minister and Congress President Rajiv Gandhi chose Sariska National Park for his cabinet meeting. When this meeting ended, there was a very famous joke in the political and bureaucratic circles of Jaipur that one tiger tells another that when it comes to food, the Chief Minister is my favorite. They are lazy, can be easily eaten and they do not even have a backbone.

Rajiv Gandhi’s Wrong Turn

According to a report in India Today, veteran journalist-editor Shubhbrata Bhattacharya, who was then posted in Jaipur, recalls that Ashok Gehlot played a role in the removal of the then Chief Minister Haridev Singh Joshi. According to Rajiv Gandhi’s instructions, state ministers could not use official vehicles to meet him. Even Rajiv Gandhi used to drive his own car. When Rajiv Gandhi was driving his SUV, a traffic constable gave a signal to turn left instead of going straight.

It seems to be a minor mistake in sight and hearing, but some people claim that it was the handiwork of magician Ashok Gehlot because after turning at this juncture, Rajiv’s car stopped where the state ministers, along with the officials and others. People’s cars were parked.

With the Bofors and Shah Bano controversies, Rajiv Gandhi had tried to indicate that he would retire. On the other hand, Rajiv was not happy with the way Joshi was handling drought and Sati in Rajasthan.

Rajiv Gandhi lost his cool

When his car reached the Sariska parking area, Rajiv saw that his car had also reached the place where the officers and ministers’ cars were parked. In such a situation, Rajiv lost his cool and reprimanded Joshi. This reprimand passed to Joshi and he boycotted the lunch. PV Narasimha Rao noticed the absence of the host chief minister. After this, Shivcharan Mathur took the place of Joshi. It was not easy to remove Joshi as he claimed the support of 87 MLAs. This situation seems to be somewhat similar to the situation today.

Joshi actually had the support of the majority but the central leadership stuck to the instructions of Rajiv Gandhi. While Mathur had the support of only 25 MLAs, Joshi was removed and Mathur was sworn in as the chief minister and Joshi was made the governor of Assam.

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