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Ghaziabad: Children are troubled by being cheated in love, so how to take care of children, know expert opinion

Report – Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad. With the changing times, along with the living and eating habits of the people, there is a lot of change in the lifestyle as well. Not only this, in this runaway life, a person has started falling prey to many kinds of diseases knowingly or unknowingly, which he does not even know. Some similar reports are being seen in district Ghaziabad. In fact, in the district MMG Hospital, Ghaziabad, in the month of October, a total of 420 cases of students suffering from stress were reported, out of which 10 percent cases were of dissociative disorder.

However, 42 out of 420 children are suffering from dissociative disorder. Surprisingly, if a student is sad about having a breakup with his girlfriend, then someone is worried about getting good marks in the exam. Explain that in the disorder, the patient gets lost in his own world. Doesn’t share his point with anyone. At the same time, teenagers and teenagers become its victims fast. These include fast-paced relationships with social media and those relationships breaking down equally fast. In such a situation, it takes the form of depression. Due to which students have headache, fever, dizziness and loss of appetite.

How to handle children
Talking to News 18 Local, Ghaziabad psychiatrist Dr. RS says that at such a time the patient should not be left alone and try to understand the things going on inside him. The patient should watch positive videos. A good diet should be taken and good sleep is also necessary. Along with this, parents should also keep monitoring the behavior of the children. During this, parents should keep friendly behavior with their children, so that they do not hesitate to share their mind with you. While imposing your decisions on children should be avoided. Due to this they come under stress very quickly. Along with this, the doctor told that you must talk to the children at least once in 24 hours. During this, try to add positive things to their behavior.

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