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Ghaziabad: Safety and respect class in Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, sanitation workers will benefit

Report – Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad. During the Corona period, the sanitation workers working in the role of frontline workers always put their lives at risk to keep the city clean. Many times such incidents are seen when cleaning the sewer or due to suffocation in the manhole, the life of the sanitation worker is lost. Sometimes the reason for this is negligence and sometimes the reason behind it is also lack of safety kit.

A workshop of Safai Karamcharis was organized in the auditorium of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation Headquarters, in which the sanitation workers were made aware about the precautions while working in manholes or sewers. Along with this, instructions were also given to make maximum use of equipment towards the sanitation workers, certificates were also given to encourage the sanitation workers who did excellent work.

Know what was special about the training?
Alka Awasthi, who is conducting the program, told News 18 Local that the employees were given training on what to do first in times of difficulty. A session was held today on how the employees could get themselves out of the manhole or sewer in time. At the same time, while giving information, a sanitation worker said that in the beginning there was a lot of fear. Sometimes gas is found in manholes. This gas is very bad for health and makes a person unconscious. If we work in this gas for a long time, then problems like suffocation start happening. For this reason, now whenever we get down in the sewer or manhole, first of all we inform our security in-charge.

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