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Ghaziabad: Single donor platelets machine came in MMG district hospital, these patients will get special facility

Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad. Dengue is wreaking havoc in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Every day 15 to 20 new dengue patients are being found here. Due to this the beds of private hospitals including dengue ward of government hospitals have become full. According to government data, dengue cases have crossed 600 in the district so far. Dengue is spreading rapidly in the posh colonies of urban areas. Dengue patients are being admitted to the wards of swine flu made in the district MMG Hospital here and the Joint Hospital in Sanjay Nagar. In the OPD of two big government hospitals of the district, 500 patients of dengue fever are reaching every day.

Platelets are considered very important in the treatment of dengue disease. In many patients, there is a need for platelet transfusion. In such a situation, a single donor platelets machine has arrived in the district MMG hospital. Dengue victims will get great relief from the installation of this machine. In fact, there was no provision of jumbo packs in the blood banks of the hospital. Many times patients had to buy platelets from outside private banks, which affects their pockets. Therefore, it is now expected that with the arrival of dengue platelets machine, platelets will be supplied to the patients faster than before.

Manoj Kumar of CMS MMG Hospital told News18 Local that the demand for this machine was being made long before the government, which has now been fulfilled. This machine will soon be installed and made operational for the patients. With this machine, the shortage of platelets will be fulfilled only from a single donor. It used to take five donors for this. In such a situation, time will be saved, as well as the patient who will be given platelets will also get healthy platelets soon.

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