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Global Digital Health Summit: ‘Digital health is not a choice; compulsion hai’ – Fast Hindi News

New Delhi: Digital health is now the default operating system of health care, and doctors who use digital health will replace those who do not use digital technologies. Therefore, it is not an option to opt for digital health; it is a compulsion. Even the Government of India is moving ahead with the launch of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.

Two day event in Delhi

Delivered the keynote address on ‘How digitization can bring good governance practices in health care’, at the 2-day ‘Global Digital Health Summit’ held from 28-29 October in New Delhi.

Use of digital technology in India is an example for the world

To ensure rapid and massive transparency on the use of new generation technology with the focus of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The use of digital technology by India in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has set an example for the whole world.

Ensuring access, quality and affordable healthcare

Stressed the need for continued focus on creation of accurate databases, widespread use of analytics, AI-based digital tools and machine learning to ensure access, quality and affordable healthcare. This is one way to move forward in providing affordable and quality healthcare to all in a country of 140 crore people. And, that is why India is known as an IT superpower.

Is the democratization of technology important?

A letter has been posted on the official website of the event. The letter is addressed to the general public and we must democratize technology, and require individual doctors, clinics and small hospitals, which constitute 80% of healthcare providers, to use technology.

They are still far from it as there are many doubts about the application and return on investment for the technology. But the longer they wait, the bigger the damage. This global summit will bring doctors and industry through all the important aspects of technology adoption and how digital health will transform medical practice.

Technology to replace traditional healthcare infrastructure

This is not a conference, we are building a community of practice for digital health through this summit. Learn how digital therapeutics is used in chronic disease management, how the metaverse, 5G, and emerging technologies will transform your practice and your organization, the return on investment for digital health, and many other related topics.

वैश्विक डिजिटल स्वास्थ्य शिखर सम्मेलन: ‘डिजिटल स्वास्थ्य चुनने का विकल्प नहीं; मजबूरी है’

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