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Gogamedi massacre: There was a promise to send the shooters abroad, Nitin Fauji was on leave

Image Source : INDIA TV
Sukhdev Singh accused of Gogamedi murder case

Top sources of Crime Branch have made a big revelation in the Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi murder case. Sources say that shooters Rohit Rathore and Nitin Fauji were promised to be called abroad. For this, both of them were given Rs 50-50 thousand as token money. After Chandigarh, these people were going to Goa and from there they were to spend time in South India. Actually, these shooters were told that after the massacre they had to spend about 20 days in South India. Till then their passport and visa will be arranged.

One came on leave from the army, one already had a rape case against him

Crime branch sources told that Rohit had gone to jail in a rape case and Rohit Rathore felt that Sukhdev had got him jailed. Whereas Nitin Fauji had come on leave from the army in November. There was a case of kidnapping against him so he felt that he would not be able to work anymore. Hence he also got involved in this crime. Apart from this, Udham Singh has also prepared for the army with Nitin Fauji, but was not in contact for the last 4 years. After committing the murder, he used Udham Singh to hide.

Use of Naveen to enter without search

If sources are to be believed, they included Naveen Shekhawat in this murder case because Naveen knew Sukhdev Gogamedi well and it was through Naveen that both the shooters were able to enter Sukhdev Gogamedi’s house without searching. Actually, Naveen had gone to get a call from Sukhdev to a government official regarding work. But as soon as the shooters started firing on Sukhdev, Naveen got scared and started stopping Nitin Fauji and Rohit, so both of them shot Naveen also.

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