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Gold-Silver Price in Lucknow: Rs 160 broken in Lucknow, silver also became cheaper, know today’s price

Report : Anjali Singh Rajput

Gold-Silver Price Today in Lucknow: The people of Lucknow, the capital of UP, are busy in the preparations for the weddings. From marriage hall to resort have been booked. However, jewelry is the most important thing in weddings and without them the wedding preparations cannot be complete. This is the reason that as soon as the wedding season starts, the price of gold and silver in Lucknow starts fluctuating rapidly.

However, the good news is that from October till now, only minor fluctuations have been seen. On Thursday (3 November 2022), the price of 24 carat per 10 grams of gold is Rs 51100. Whereas on Wednesday its rate was Rs 51260 per 10 grams. It is clear that the price of gold has decreased by Rs 160 per 10 grams. However, silver is running more expensive than gold. Vinod Maheshwari, General Secretary of Lucknow Bullion Association said that not everyone is able to buy gold, most people buy silver only. It is often seen that the price of the one whose demand is high fluctuates more. Although gold will not be called very cheap, because 24 carat gold is running above Rs 50,000, which can be called expensive. At present, people are shopping for jewelery due to weddings in Lucknow.

Today’s price of one kilogram silver
Today in Lucknow the price of one kg of silver is Rs 58900. Whereas on Wednesday, the price of 1 kg of silver was Rs 59,500. The price of silver is continuously going up. If you look at the figures of the last 1 month, then the price of 1 kg of silver remains above 58000. Bullion traders are assuming that by December, the price of 1 kg of silver can go above Rs 60000.

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