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Good news about corona virus in the country, the number of patients reduced to 42,358

Corona Cases In India: After the arrival of 3,230 new cases of corona virus infection in India in the last 24 hours, the total number of infected in the country increased to 4,45,75,473, while the number of patients under treatment has come down to 42,358. According to the data released by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Tuesday, the death toll has risen to 5,28,562 after 32 more people died due to infection in the country.

In these 32 cases, 22 people are also included, whose names have been added to the list of patients who lost their lives due to the global epidemic, re-matching the death toll due to infection. According to the data, the number of patients under treatment for corona virus infection in the country has come down to 42,358, which is 0.10 percent of the total cases. In the last 24 hours, there has been a decrease in the number of patients under treatment by 1,057. The national recovery rate of patients has increased to 98.72 percent.

In the year 2020, the figure was beyond 90 lakhs

Significantly, on 7 August 2020, the number of corona virus infected in the country had exceeded 20 lakh, on 23 August 2020 30 lakh and on 5 September 2020, more than 40 lakh. The total cases of infection crossed 50 lakh on 16 September 2020, 60 lakh on 28 September 2020, 70 lakh on 11 October 2020, 80 lakh on 29 October 2020 and 90 lakh on 20 November.

On December 19, 2020, these cases had exceeded one crore in the country. Last year, on May 4, the number of infected had crossed 20 million and on June 23, 2021, it crossed 30 million. On January 25 this year, the cases of infection had crossed four crores.

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