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Good news came to transgender couple’s house, pregnant father gave birth to a child, pictures went viral two days ago

Kerala: Happiness has knocked at the house of transcouple Jahad Fazil and Ziya Paval in Kozhikode, Kerala. Couple has now become parents. Transgender couple Jia and Jahad gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday. Please tell that Jahad is a trans mail and he was carrying the child. Jahad’s partner Jia says that this is the happiest moment of my life. People told me many things about the child. This is the answer for them. Thanks to those who supported me.

Please tell that Kerala’s transcouple Jahad and Jia had announced their pregnancy a few days ago on their Instagram page. Couple also shared some of their pictures on social media. It was claimed that this is India’s first transman pregnancy. The delivery date was given in March.

Couple’s pictures went viral
transgender couple from kerala Jia and Jahad Had announced her pregnancy on social media. Couple had also shared some pictures on their Insta post. A team of doctors from Kozhikode Medical College said that the couple did not face any physical challenge in conceiving, while both were going through the process of sex change. Jia and Jahad, both were together for the last 3 years. Jiya was born as a man and turned into a woman. Whereas Jahad was born as a woman and turned into a man.

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It is being claimed that Jahad is the first transman to give birth to a child in India. According to a Hindustan Times report, Jahad’s breasts were removed during the surgery. Although her uterus and some other organs were not removed. Because of this they were able to conceive. According to a report in Manorama, the couple had earlier planned to adopt a child. He also inquired about the whole process. But the legal action was quite challenging for them, as they were a transgender couple.

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