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Good News! Passengers will now be able to make reservation in ordinary buses of UP Roadways, know the rules and fare

Report – Mangala Tiwari

Mirzapur. The Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation has taken an important decision so that the passengers traveling in roadways buses have a pleasant experience. Now passengers will be able to get reservation in ordinary class buses just like air-conditioned (AC) buses of roadways. The facility to reserve seats will be available from the reservation counter at the bus stand. For this, a separate counter has also been prepared at the bus station.

Passengers will have to go to the reservation counter at Mirzapur bus stand to get reservation in UP Transport Corporation’s ordinary class buses. However, for now only offline booking will be done. While preparations are being made to provide online booking facility to the passengers. In ordinary buses, passengers will be able to reserve their seats up to 30 days before the date of travel. The roadways bus number, seat number and departure time will also be recorded on the ticket booked.

More rupees will have to be paid in ticket reservation
For booking tickets, an additional Rs 20 will be charged per ticket along with 18 per cent GST on the basic fare. On cancellation of the ticket, after deducting a prescribed cancellation charge, a refund of Rs.

Passengers will get convenience
Neeraj Dubey, a passenger going to Prayagraj, said that due to the arrangement of reservation in ordinary class buses, there will be a lot of convenience. Earlier we used to come a couple of hours earlier. Now with the seat confirmed, we will come on time. This will end our waiting time. At the same time, Dayaram Sonkar said that we will not have any problem in traveling due to seat confirmation in advance.

Senior center in-charge of roadways said this
Sunil Singh, senior center in-charge of Mirzapur Roadways said that for the seat reservation of passengers, arrangements have been made at the reservation counter at the bus stand. Any traveler can make a reservation from there. At the same time, he said that earlier there used to be a fight for seats due to excessive crowd on festivals, but now the seat will be confirmed as before. There shouldn’t be much problem because of this.

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