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Gopalganj’s desi girl will be born in American lap, Arya gets 4 brothers with parents after 3 years


3 years ago, this girl was found in unclaimed condition in the swing of the Adoption Institute located in Hajiapur.
The American couple will now go to America with this, where she will be the only sister among 4 brothers.

Gopalganj. Arya, a 3-year-old girl from Gopalganj, is now going to America. Arya, who is growing up in an exclusive adoption institution, has been adopted by an American couple. Now Arya has got 4 brothers along with new parents.

Let us tell you that this American couple, influenced by Indian culture, had expressed their desire to adopt Arya Rose through an application. Arya, who was staying at the Specialized Adoption Institute in Gopalganj, was handed over to a couple who came from America on Friday. DM Dr Naval Kishore Chaudhary completed the legal process in this regard.

happy couple

Gopalganj’s Arya will now grow up in America. Kumari Pushpa, Assistant Director cum Senior Deputy Collector of the Adoption Institute, said that the couple Tamra Dana Thieson and Brett Eric Thiesson from Kansas City, USA, have adopted Arya by the Specialized Adoption Institute. The American couple looked very happy after adopting Arya.

Applied 3 years ago

The American couple had previously applied to Lifeline Children’s Services to adopt a child. After the application on the portal, the process of adopting the girl child was completed on Friday and the child was handed over to the couple. Dolly David, a representative of Life Line Children’s Services, told that the American couple is financially very wealthy. They are fully capable of taking good care of the child.

New parents said – will go to America with us

America’s Tamra Dana Thieson, who became the father of Arya Rose, said that she started looking for a daughter through ‘Hum’ 3 years ago. Arya’s picture and information were provided to us through a specialized adoption institution a year ago, so we have come to adopt the child after completing the whole process. At the same time, Arya’s mother Brett Eric Thiessen said that Arya will now go to America with us. There she will become the sister of 4 brothers. We will teach him in school. Then she will also go to college and enjoy the joys of life. He said that the culture of India has influenced him a lot. We have 4 sons but no daughter. That is why the Indian girl child is adopted.

was found unclaimed in the swing

Three years ago, this girl was found in a swing in the same swing of the Adoption Institute located in Hajiapur, which was declared child free for adoption by the Child Welfare Committee. The girl was busy playing after going to her parents’ lap. What does he know that now his fortune will be decorated and decorated in America.

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