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Gorakhpur-Hatia Maurya Express will now have stoppage at Daudpur also, know timing

Ankit Kumar Singh / Siwan. The stoppage of the Gorakhpur-Hatia-Gorakhpur Maurya Express train passing through Siwan Railway Junction under North Eastern Railway Varanasi Division has been ensured at Daudpur railway station with immediate effect. For the convenience of the passengers, the railway administration has decided to stop the train here. Let us tell you that till now there was no stoppage of Gorakhpur-Hatia-Gorakhpur Maurya Express at Daudpur railway station, due to which the passengers were troubled. But now people will get a lot of convenience due to the stoppage of this train.

Train number-15028/15027 Gorakhpur-Hatia-Gorakhpur Maurya Express train has been given experimental stoppage at Daudpur station from June 05, 2023 with immediate effect. As a result, train number 15028 Gorakhpur-Hatia Maurya Express will reach Daudpur station at 10.38 hrs and will depart at 10.40 hrs after taking a halt of two minutes. Similarly, in the return journey, train number 15027 Hatia-Gorakhpur Maurya Express will reach Daudpur station at 12.04 hrs and will depart at 12.06 hrs with a halt of two minutes.

Decision taken on the convenience and demand of passengers

Public Relations Officer (PRO) Ashok Kumar told that this was the demand of local passengers for a long time. For the convenience and demand of the passengers, the train number 15028/15027 Gorakhpur-Hatia-Gorakhpur Maurya Express has been given additional stoppage at Daudpur railway station on the Siwan-Chhapra rail section by the Northeast Railway Administration. With the stoppage of the train, it will be easier for the passengers here to go to Ranchi and Gorakhpur. This train will stop here for two minutes in both up and down journey.

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