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Government’s strike on PFI over terror funding, know what is the meaning of this ban

Ban On PFI: Popular Front of India (PFI) has been banned under Section 3 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. This ban is expected to stop its funding, recruitment and other activities. At the same time, after the arrest of the top leadership, PFI and its remaining office bearers will not be able to organize protests, seminars, conferences, charity exercises or publications and any such activities. Central agencies and local police can immediately declare activities illegal.

JMB to PFI relations

JMB was banned in 2019

JMB was banned in 2019. Its presence is in West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Karnataka and other regions, but it "Silently" They are carrying out subversive activities like collection of funds, recruitment of vulnerable Muslim youth. More than 50 JMB members were arrested in West Bengal and Assam and in 2014 more than 100 bombs were recovered in crackdown on the organization.

LET support to JMB 

PFI 50 thousand regular members in Kerala

According to a report in Hindustan Times, an official said on condition of anonymity, "There is sufficient document and digital evidence on the terrorist activities of PFI." The NIA had prepared a dossier on PFI in 2017. The dossier states that the PFI in Kerala has over 50,000 regular members and 100,000 to 150,000 sympathizers, with an increase of 3% to 5% per year. It said these cadres are encouraged to act as custodians of Islamic values, effectively turning them into moral police.

PFI members in 22 states and union territories

The notification states, "…criminal activities and brutal killings by PFI cadres for disturbing public peace and tranquility and [ए] It has been done for the sole purpose of creating a rule of terror in the minds of the people."

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