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Government’s tough step regarding the quality of cough syrup! No export without testing in government lab

The central government has become strict on the quality of medicines when questions were raised by the World Health Organisation. The central government has instructed the pharmaceutical companies that no compromise with quality will be tolerated. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told the representatives of pharma companies that if the finger is raised on the quality of Indian medicines, it will not only affect Indian pharma companies but also the country’s reputation. In such a situation, the government will not tolerate any kind of compromise with the quality.

Mandaviya said that the way the Government of India has started taking action regarding quality, after which there is hope from the industry and you cooperate. Due to the mistake of the industry, the credibility of the government and the country will be affected. He said that the government does not want to take strict steps, so the industry needs to pay special attention to quality.

This strictness on the part of the Union Health Minister has come in the face of frequent questions being raised abroad on Indian medicines.

The World Health Organization had issued an alert regarding four cough-cold syrups from India. It was alleged that many people died in Gambia after drinking Indian cough syrup. After that, taking a big step, the Central Government issued a notification. In which it has been said that cough syrup cannot be exported without investigation and proof.

Let us tell you that the World Health Organization had issued an alert some time ago regarding two cough syrups made in India. The organization had mentioned the names of two cough syrups and said that these cough syrups are such that they are far from quality.

new rules from june 1
According to the notification, the sample of the product to be exported will be tested in the government lab. Only after this cough syrup will be allowed to be exported. The new rules will be implemented from June 1. Directorate General of Foreign Trade- DGFT has said in the notification that first the product will have to be tested in the government laboratory. Only after passing the test, permission will be given to export cough syrup. The drug samples will be tested at the Central Drug Laboratory and Central Drug Testing Laboratories located in Kolkata. Apart from this, samples can also be tested in labs recognized by the state governments.

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