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Gujarat Adhiveshan: Amit Nayak and Amit Thakar debated about Congress and BJP, said- Result coming on December 8


BJP leader Amit Thakar lashed out at Congress in Gujarat session program
Said- People tremble remembering his rule, no one wants him
Congress leader Amit Nayak said – Congress’s victory in Gujarat is sure

Gandhinagar. In News18 India’s special program ‘Gujarat Abhiyan’, Congress leader Amit Nayak accused the BJP of Gujarat elections and said that we do not want the BJP model in Gujarat. On this, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Amit Thakar said that Congress has not won in Gujarat for the last 27 years. Before that, the Congress had run the government in such a way that the public did not want to bring them back. The soul trembles remembering him. The Congress divided the whole of India on the basis of colour, but in the view of the BJP, when the water of Maa Narmada reaches the village, we do not ask which caste person lives in it. BJP’s development goes without looking at caste and colour.

Amit Thakar said that it is on record that 30 thousand riots took place under Congress rule in the whole country. Tell which party people were behind the work that Teesta Setalvad and his team were doing even today. And this Congress needs governance. During the Gujarat convention program, both the leaders said that the election results are coming on December 8, everything will be clear. Amit Nayak said that the problem BJP has with the ideology of Sardar and Gandhi, we have the same problem with Modi ji.

Congress forgot Bhagat Singh Rajguru

Responding to this, Amit Thakar said that Sardar is big, Sardar is bigger than Modi ji. And if we talk about Modi Stadium Cricket Stadium, then know, there is a complete package. The name of a stadium in it is Narendra Modi Stadium. Of the total 13 stadiums, one is named after Modi. This is Gandhi’s Gujarat, but Congress had killed everyone except Nehru, forgot Bhagat Singh Rajguru. BJP leader Amit Thakar said that we do not do any adulteration. Our direction is clear, this country should move forward. On this, Congress leader Amit Nayak said that BJP says that Congress does not have a leader and does not have intention. Whereas day by day their graph is going down and the result is coming on 8th December. The whole picture will be clear.

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