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Gujarat Adhiveshan: Those who talk about Delhi model have no status in Gujarat: Union Minister Rupala


Union Minister Purushottam Rupala said that as much area as Delhi is with the Mayor of Ahmedabad.
The Union Minister said in the program that this time the assembly elections are the last elections for many parties.
The Union Minister said that the BJP will win the maximum number of seats in this election.

New Delhi. Union Minister Purushottam Rupala participated in the special program Gujarat session of News18. During this, he targeted the Aam Aadmi Party, which is contesting elections in Gujarat for the first time, saying that those who talk about the Delhi model have no status here, saying this is the last election for many parties. Apart from this, while targeting the Congress, he said that Congress should introspect. Those who shout slogans for us, they are not leaving.

Targeting the opposition parties, he said that in the last election, they were running a big campaign to socially disturb Gujarat and now they are asking to vote for BJP. Gujarat unit has achieved such a huge success, congratulations for this. Apart from this, while replying to the allegations of the opposition, he said that some people are alleging that the BJP is making people join its party by intimidation. In a democracy, victory can never be achieved on the basis of fear.

On the other hand, on the question of Aam Aadmi Party, Purushottam Rupala said that Delhi has as much as the mayor of Ahmedabad has. They will come and advise us about education, we have to listen, talk about panic and do something with someone else. This is the land of Shri Krishna, as long as Lord Krishna lived in Mathura, he got the title of Dwarkadhish only after he settled in Dwarka, before that he did not have the title of king.

Targeting you, the minister said that the line on which he has to walk, congratulations to him. His minister had said that I do not believe in Brahma. On the question of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the Union Minister said that it is a matter of great sadness, a national party who has run the rule against the BJP from their family, they are alleging that we have spread hatred, which program is the fire of hatred. Did the removal of 370 spread the fire of hatred?

On the other hand, on the question of not having a single Muslim minister in the cabinet, the Union Minister said that hatred does not spread by making a Muslim minister, someone has set some criteria. Apart from this, on the question of Uniform Civil Code, the Union Minister said that whenever a good thing starts, it should not be considered late. Apart from this, he said that have some patience, be patient, its decision will come from the states, the central government will also be able to think.

On the other hand, when AIMIM leader was questioned about the attack on Owaisi, he said that he does not consider it appropriate to attack any campaigner, humble appeal, Gujarat is a peace-loving state, there is no place for curse in the program. . On the question of CAA, the Union Minister said that when this law came, when it was strongly opposed, it is a law to give citizenship, there is no provision to take away citizenship, someone should tell a single story. On the other hand, on the question of victory in the elections, he said that he will claim that BJP will get the biggest victory in Gujarat.

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