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Gujarat Assembly Election: ‘Sita’ of Ramayana demolished Congress’s fort… Story of Deepika Chikhaliya’s victory

Ahmedabad: In the month of March 1990, the reins of Gujarat were in the hands of Chimanbhai Patel. He was the Chief Minister of the Janata Dal and BJP coalition government. On the other hand, the Ram Mandir movement was gaining momentum in the country. After the tension over the temple issue, the BJP quota ministers in the government resigned. The result was that on October 25, 1990, the alliance of Janata Dal and BJP broke down, although Chimanbhai Patel saved his chair with the support of the Congress. The breakup of the alliance brought the BJP into the opposition. The big challenge before the BJP, which was out of government, was how it would perform well in the 1991 Lok Sabha elections? The party thought of a minister in Chimanbhai Patel’s government and the name of flamboyant leader Nalin Bhatt for the Vadodara Lok Sabha, but the dilemma faced by the party was that, if Nalin is contested as an MP, then a leadership vacuum should be created in central Gujarat. and it may harm the party. Nalin was a big leader at that time. Who should be contested from Vadodara seat? There was a churning going on in the party on this.

Dipika Chikhlia and Narendra Modi with LK Advani before filing nomination from Vadodara Lok Sabha. photo: from facebook account

Preparations were made to fight with Panchmahal
Former Chief Minister of Gujarat Shankar Singh Vaghela was also in BJP at that time. As a party leader, he wanted Deepika Chikhaliya, who played the role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s successful television serial Ramayana, to contest, but his intention was to contest Deepika from Panchmahal. Deliberations took place in the party and it was decided to fight Nalin Bhatt from Vadodara (then Baroda) after Suresh Mehta screwed up Nalin Bhatt. The popularity of serial Ramayana was very much in those days. People used to leave their work and watch Ramayana serials. People used to prepare for this in advance. The number of TVs in the houses was very less. As soon as people came to know that Sita of Ramayana will contest on behalf of BJP. So his surprise knew no bounds. Mumbai-based Dipika Chikhlia finally filed the form in the presence of senior BJP leader LK Advani and incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Deepika, who came into politics completely from the world of acting, had no understanding of politics. Everything was new to him, but his candidacy in the cultured city of Gujarat received unprecedented support. When she went out to campaign, people were on the streets of the cultured city, eager to catch a glimpse. Deepika’s passion was very visible among women.

Sita came… and greeted by touching her feet
During campaigns and meetings, men as well as women would welcome and touch feet along with Sita. With the candidature of Deepika, the stronghold of Congress started cracking. Deepika was pitted against two-time MP Ranjit Singh Gaikwad. The lotus was blooming for the first time in the Congress stronghold. Party leaders were excited. When the results came, the guesses turned out to be accurate. Dipika Chikhlia got 49.98 percent of the votes. They demolished the Congress fort and the veteran Congress leader Ranjit Singh had to face defeat. He lost more than 34 thousand votes. So Deepika, who could not speak for two minutes, learned to give speeches for half an hour while campaigning. wife of late Nalin Bhatt Saguna Nalin Bhatt It is said that we went out for promotion in our car of maroon color. The candidature of Dipika Chikhlia was really taken up by the people.
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great advantage to the party
The popularity of Dipika Chikhlia’s character of Sita and the backdrop of the Ram Mandir movement benefited the party tremendously. Lotus blossomed for the first time in Vadodara. Deepika remained MP for five full years, but during this time Vadodara became a stronghold of BJP. The 1996 elections were a close contest between the Congress and the BJP. Congress candidate could win by just 17 votes, while BJP candidate Jitu Sukhdia was at number two. Two years later, when the Lok Sabha elections were held again, the BJP snatched the seat that went to the Congress in the 1998 thorn struggle. Congress could never win from 1998 to 2022. In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fought from here and won by 5.70 lakh votes. BJP’s Sita bet turned Congress’s fort into a saffron fort. The effect of Dipika Chikhlia fighting from Vadodara was that the Congress became weak in the assembly as well. The party has not been able to get any seats in the city since the last several assembly elections. The popularity of Deepika’s character of Sita can be gauged from the fact that Congress leader and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi also met her.
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Congress has been eliminated
Dipika Chikhlia, who was the MP of Vadodara from 1991 to 1996, was just 26 years old when she won the election. Deepika currently lives in Mumbai. Born in Mumbai, Deepika loved the world of acting since childhood. Dipika Chikhlia’s husband Hemant Topiwala is a businessman. Deepka has two daughters, Nidhi and Juhi. She recently came into the limelight then. When Deepika Chikhaliya was seen in a western outfit. So various types of comments were faced from the users on social media. He wrote in his post Change and Transformation. Deepika, who has been a member of the Lok Sabha, is very active on social media. Deepika has worked in many films, the last time she was seen in director Amar Kaushik’s Bala film. The recently released song ‘Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hai’ has been shot on Deepika. It is written by Manoj Muntasir and sung by Jubin Nautiyal. This anecdote related to Deepika is so interesting that the people of Vadodara today remember the 1991 Lok Sabha elections, which fed the BJP’s lotus for the first time.
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