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Gujarat Election 2022: CM Arvind Kejriwal’s big claim about Gujarat elections, this appeal to BJP workers

Navsari (Gujarat). Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann were shown black flags by BJP supporters on Saturday when they were on their way to address a public meeting at Chikhali in Gujarat’s Navsari district. BJP supporters also raised slogans of ‘Modi, Modi’ during this time. BJP supporters standing on the roadside between Khudvel and Golavad villages in Chikhali taluka showed black flags to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders when their convoy was passing through these places there.

Later, while addressing the rally, referring to this incident, CM Kejriwal said that he considers those who show black flags to him as his brother. He expressed confidence that one day he would win their hearts and induct her into his party. Kejriwal said people can vote for the party of their choice, but AAP will ensure that their children get free and quality education and medical care.

Kejriwal targeted the Gujarat government

CM Arvind Kejriwal claimed that BJP members are also against the Gujarat government and many of them have told them that they want to remove the party from power. He appealed to BJP workers to stay with their party, but vote for AAP. Kejriwal said, “As soon as BJP supporters saw us, they started raising slogans of ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’. I consider him as my brother, I have nothing against him in my heart. Shout on whomever you want, vote for the party you want. I will build a school for your children, get treatment for a sick member of your family. I am sure I will win your heart one day and include you in my party.

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He said that we will get the family members of those people who have shown us black flags to be treated. CM Kejriwal said, ‘If they want to do politics or goondagardi, they can go to BJP and if they want schools, hospitals and mohalla clinics for their children, they can be part of AAP.

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