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Gujarat Elections: What is Arvind Kejriwal’s stand on Common Civil Code? told abp news

Arvind Kejriwal on UCC: Barely 15 days before the Gujarat Assembly Election 2022, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has stated its stand on the issue of Uniform Civil Code. Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal, during a special conversation with ABP News, while answering several questions, also spoke about the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). He made serious allegations against the BJP regarding the issue. According to Kejriwal, BJP does not want to bring Uniform Civil Code.

In fact, BJP has made promises to implement Uniform Civil Code in the electoral states- Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. BJP has announced the formation of a committee for this in Gujarat, while in Himachal it has included the promise in its election manifesto.

What did Arvind Kejriwal say?

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal told ABP News, “I have supported the Common Civil Code. Tremendous. My point is that there should be a common civil code. It is written inside our constitution, Article 44 is probably, Article 44 of the Constitution says that a common civil code will come in our country, but what BJP is doing, it does not want to bring a common civil code.

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CM Kejriwal further said, “Before Himachal elections were held, he said that the Common Civil Code will come.” Before the Uttarakhand elections were held, he formed a committee for the Common Civil Code. As soon as the elections were over, that committee went to their respective homes. Now Gujarat elections were held, before that they made a committee, see now after Gujarat elections, they will remember this committee in next elections, they don’t want to bring common civil code.

BJP’s stance on UCC

Recently, on November 4, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also responded in a special conversation with ABP News regarding the Uniform Civil Code. Referring to the objections of Congress and ‘AAP’, Shah was asked why only in Gujarat, Uniform Civil Code should be implemented across the country? On this, Shah had said, “It has been part of our agenda since the establishment of Jana Sangh. The Common Civil Code is the ideological commitment of the BJP to the people of the country. From the time of Jana Sangh to BJP, it has been a part of all our election manifestos. At that time there was no Aam Aadmi Party but opposition to Congress is also not new. ” Shah had accused Congress of doing politics of appeasement.

Let us tell you that in the cabinet meeting of the Gujarat government on October 29, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel had decided that a committee would be formed under the chairmanship of a retired High Court Justice to implement the Uniform Civil Code.

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