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Gurugram: Suspicious death of 20-year-old youth, shoddy doctor absconding by throwing dead body on the road

Gurugram, In Haryana’s Gurugram district, a 20-year-old youth working in a Maruti company died under suspicious circumstances. The young man died after giving medicine to the young man on the quacks. Later both the accused absconded. Police have started investigation by registering a case against RMP Dr Faim and Subhan under sections 304(2), 201 and 34 of IPC.

In fact, on September 26, Liladhar, who lived in PG of IMT area, was taken to the nearby RMP doctor for treatment due to fever, where after taking medicine, Liladhar’s condition suddenly started deteriorating and Liladhar died in a while. happened. Fearing this, both Faim and Subhan, who were running the clinic without a degree, fled after throwing Liladhar’s body on Aliyar Road.

In fact, the Gurugram police had recovered the body of an unknown youth from near Aliyar village on September 26. During the investigation, the identity of the deceased was revealed as 20-year-old Liladhar, a resident of Churu, Rajasthan and was working as a trainee employee in a Maruti company.

The police, during the investigation of the case, found in the CCTV how Liladhar was brought to the clinic first and how after Liladhar’s death, Faim and Subhan threw the body on the road and fled. In this case, the post-mortem report has not yet come out, so that the exact cause of death can be ascertained. But the relatives of the deceased have appealed to the Gurugram Police for justice.

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