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Haldwani News: St. Michael’s Church was built in the middle of the forest by the British, the beauty remains even today

Report – Pawan Singh Kunwar

Haldwani. All the signs made by the British are still present in many districts of the hill state of Uttarakhand. Be it Band Stand in Nainital, Ramje Hospital or Ramje Inter College in Almora, even today they are seen in their old condition. The British had also built a church in Haldwani, the largest city of Nainital district. St. Michael Church in Haldwani was built in the middle of the forest. It is in the same condition even today and people from far and wide come here to pray. A large number of people reach on Sundays.

St. Michael’s Church, located in Monabana village of Fatehpur, 15 km from Haldwani, was built by the British in 1935. Even you can come by your own vehicle. To reach the church, one has to pass through the middle of the forest. It is believed that whoever prays in front of Jesus Christ in this church and makes a vow, his wish is definitely fulfilled. People come here for prayers even on foot.

Pankaj Rajwar, who reached St. Michael’s Church, said that he had heard a lot about this church. He had a lot of heart that he must come here once. When he got a chance, he came here. He said that this is a historical church built by the British. I prayed in front of God and asked for a wish. Coming to this church built in the middle of the forest, they are feeling wonderful peace. At the same time, Rupali, who came to the church, said that she has come here many times before, but for the first time she has met her father. Also said that I prayed by lighting a candle in front of God. I have heard that many times miracles have also happened here. This church built in the middle of the forest gives a lot of relaxation.

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