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Haldwani: Wheat stopped at government ration shops, increased prices of flour in the market

Report: Pawan Singh Kunwar

Haldwani. Due to the increase in the price of wheat in Uttarakhand, the prices of flour have started touching the sky. Talking about Haldwani city, these days the price of flour in Haldwani city has reached Rs 35 to 37 per kg. At the same time, the price of more flour is expected to increase. On the other hand, yellow card holders have stopped getting wheat at government ration shops. Instead, rice is being given. Explain that the central government has kept the support price of wheat at Rs 2015 per quintal for 2022-23, but it is getting Rs 2800 per quintal in the market.

Haldwani’s Supply Inspector Ravi Sanwal said that due to the shortage of wheat, yellow ration card holders are being given rice instead of wheat. This year there is a shortage of wheat, that is why rice is being given. On the other hand, shopkeeper Manish Joshi says that these days the prices of flour are increasing continuously and now per kg flour is being sold at Rs 35 to 37 per kg. This boom has been seen in the last few days. Inflation is increasing continuously.

Difficult to get wheat in Haldwani Mandi
If we talk about Haldwani mandi, then it is becoming difficult to get wheat in the mandi, so wheat is being procured from the mandi of other districts. In other mandis, the price of wheat is Rs 2750 to 2800 per quintal, due to which the price of flour is increasing continuously.

Let us tell you that Russia and Ukraine supply about 40 percent of wheat in the whole world, but due to the war, Ukraine’s wheat is not able to come out. Russia is also not able to send its wheat due to the ban imposed in Russia. The Government of India had not imposed any restriction on the export of wheat. Due to this, several thousand metric tonnes of wheat went out of the country and last year the yield of wheat was also less. Due to this the prices of wheat are increasing.

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