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Haq Ki Baat: Cyber ​​fraud has become a victim, do this work immediately, you can get full refund

New Delhi : You do digital transactions. If yes, then this news is useful for you. They are on the target of fraudsters by asking for credit, debit card number / CVV / OTP. If in such a situation, cyber thugs have broken into your account, then immediately take these steps. It is possible to get your full refund. Actually, in the festival season, sometimes in the name of cashback and sometimes KYC, the accounts of the users are cleared. Because your little mistake becomes the reason for a big loss. In such a situation, the victim of the fraud does not understand what to do? In this issue of ‘Haq Ki Baat’ series, let us know what to do if you are a victim of cyber fraud, how to get refund.

do this first

  • 1. In case of cyber fraud, you should immediately call the number 1930. Once you file a complaint, the chances of getting your money back increase significantly. This number is the centralized number of the cyber crime portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Which is applicable across the country. Also, complain on the cybercrime portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs at cybercrime.gov.in.
  • 2. Immediately after that you inform your bank about the whole incident. Block the account. It has been seen many times that after withdrawing money once, cyber thugs try to withdraw money from Victim’s account again. If your mobile is hacked then call the SIM provider company and block your SIM.
  • 3. You have to go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint of cheating with you. While registering the complaint, you will have to submit the copy of bank passbook record, copy of ID and address proof to the police station.

take care of these things

  • 1. Unhear the caller by becoming a digital wallet executive.
  • 2. If the user is asked to download the AnyDesk or TeamViewer app, do not.
  • 3. If app is downloaded then it asks for 9 digit code then don’t share.

Update on the modus operandi of crime: Cyber ​​cell
A senior officer of the cyber cell said that if people were alerted by ATM fraud, then the fraudsters have updated the method of crime. There have been hundreds of complaints regarding digital wallets for the last few years. These thugs first get the users to download an app on their mobile phone. Through this, from linking the account to the process of step by step payment also completes. Then smartly save your UPI ID as the coupon of the package and save it in the mobile, then transfer the money.

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