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Harish Rawat met Ankita Bhandari’s family, this demand for justice

Harish Rawat On Ankita Bhadari Murder Case: Despite the swift action of the Dhami government of the state against the accused in the Ankita Bhandari murder case in Uttarakhand, the campaign to get justice for Ankita is gaining momentum. Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat surrounded the BJP government of the state regarding this massacre. Harish Rawat attacked the Dhami government and said that you are taking steps but you will have to take strong steps because there is a lot of anger among the people.

Harish Rawat asked the government to make an immediate announcement regarding financial assistance to the victim’s family and government job to one member. Apart from this, he also demanded the state government to name the village road and one of the educational institutions after Ankita Bhandari. He said that this is the examination of the whole of Uttarakhand.

Harish Rawat reached Ankita’s village

Former Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat had reached Ankita Bhandari’s village this afternoon to meet her family members. And met his family members and shared his grief. Harish Rawat said that he is standing with Ankita’s family in getting justice for the family and strictest punishment to the accused. During this, Ankita’s father Virendra Bhandari also supported the demand of the villagers and said that the culprits should be hanged by running the case in a fast track court.

conspiracy to destroy evidence

On this occasion, Harish Rawat said that it should also be investigated prominently that who was the white collar for which pressure was being put on Ankita. Expressing the apprehension of the involvement of big white-collar people in the incident, he said that if it was not so, then the work of destroying the evidence would not have been done overnight by breaking the resort.

19-year-old Ankita, who worked as a receptionist at Vantara Resort at Ganga Bhogpur in Yamkeshwar in Pauri district, was allegedly murdered by resort operator Pulkit Arya along with two of his employees by throwing them into the Chila canal in Rishikesh.

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