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Haryana: Water level of Yamuna increased due to rain, express train had to be stopped, 2 children saved from flowing

Yamuna Nagar. The effect of continuous rain in the hilly areas is wreaking havoc in the plains of Haryana. On Monday, 2 lakh 96 thousand cusecs of water released from Hathini Kund barrage has increased the problems for the people living in the low-lying areas. Alam is that the track collapsed near Kalanaur railway station, due to which the Amritsar Banmakhi Mail Express train had to be stopped and the passengers were stuck in the middle of the way for a long time.

The Yamuna is in full spate and since late night, the high-speed waves of water started engulfing the low-lying areas. In the morning, when the eyes of the villagers opened, the horrific waves of Yamuna were seen taking their fields, the main roads of the villages, some part of the population in their arms. At night itself, an announcement had to be made from the mosque in village Lapra that the villagers should be alert. Due to which people were already alert, but no one had any idea that the water would come so much. Many such rural processions shifted to the house. The noise of water waves was heard in the fields and roads of many villages including village Audhri, Chhota Lapra, Bada Lapra, Mandi, Kait.

Accident averted: Two children started flowing in water in Lapra, villagers saved

Ehsan, a resident of village Lapra, told that the water level of Yamuna started rising at midnight. Sensing the danger, an announcement was made from the mosque in the night itself that the villagers should be alert. They say that in the morning two children started flowing in deep water while crossing the village road. The villagers immediately acted wisely and saved them. Due to the cracks in the walls of some houses due to water, the villagers are also afraid of their falling. However, it is a matter of relief that the water from Hathnikund is continuously decreasing since Monday.

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