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Has Amritpal fled the country? Search operation intensified from Uttarakhand to Nepal border, alert issued to BSF

New Delhi. The search operation has been intensified again in Uttarakhand regarding fugitive Amritpal Singh. The Border Security Force has been alerted at the Indo-Nepal border in Dharchula. Punjab Police and Central Investigation Agencies have issued an alert to the Border Security Force. Special monitoring is being done on the people coming and going on the border. BSF has increased vigilance in Jhulaghat, Baluvakot, Jauljibi and areas adjacent to the Nepal border. For this, the help of sniffer dogs is also being taken.

Earlier, after the absconding of pro-Khalistan radical preacher Amritpal Singh, a new CCTV footage surfaced on Saturday, in which he was allegedly seen wearing a jacket and trousers and talking on a mobile phone. No official statement has come from the police regarding this footage. The date of which the footage is, this information could not be found.

Amritpal is absconding since a week
In the footage, Amritpal, head of the ‘Waris Punjab De’ outfit, can be seen holding a bag with his face covered with a white cloth. His close aide Papalpreet Singh can also be seen in the footage. In another footage from the same place, Amritpal Singh can be seen walking on the road wearing glasses and talking on the phone.

Amritpal is absconding since a week after the police action against him and Waris Punjab De Sangathan.

On March 19, the alleged presence of Amritpal and Papalpreet at a woman’s house in Shahabad in Haryana’s Kurukshetra district was reported, but since then nothing has been known about their whereabouts. A woman named Baljeet Kaur was caught on Thursday. The Punjab Police is questioning him.

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