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Hate Speech Case: SP leader Azam Khan sentenced to 3 years, now the MLA will also go

New Delhi. The MP-MLA court of Rampur has sentenced SP (samajwadi party) MLA Azam Khan (Azam Khan) to three years imprisonment in the 2019 hate speech case. With this, now Azam Khan will also have to lose his legislature. Actually, during the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019, a case of hate speech was registered against Azam Khan.

The court has sentenced Azam Khan to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 25 thousand. Question marks have now arisen on the political career of 10-time MLA and 2-time MP Azam Khan. After the sentencing, Azam Khan will no longer be able to contest elections and his assembly membership will also end. According to the law made for public representatives, if an MLA is sentenced to more than two years, then his membership goes. Earlier, BJP MLA from Gosaiganj Assembly of Ayodhya, Khabbu Tiwari had to lose his MLA as he was sentenced to more than two years by the court.

Indecent language was used on PM Narendra Modi and the then DM

In his speech, Azam Khan used very abusive language not only on PM Narendra Modi but also on the then DM of Rampur. Security has been beefed up in Rampur after Azam Khan was sentenced. Security forces have been deployed in sensitive areas. After the sentencing, Azam Khan will no longer have the right to vote. However, Azam Khan can challenge this decision in 60-90 days. If this decision of the court is not stayed, then Azam Khan will not get any relief.

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