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‘He is talking like Babur’s son…’, why did the BJP MP get angry at the opposition members in the middle of the speech?

New Delhi: Today the name of Mughals and Babur also came to be heard in the Lok Sabha. Actually, BJP MP Dr. Nishikant Dubey was speaking in the House. That’s why, while targeting the Congress, he said that the Congress party says that it finished the British, gave the slogan of British Quit India, erased the sign of the British. But even the Mughals did not come long before the British, then why doesn’t the Congress talk about erasing their history and symbols. The BJP MP was speaking when the opposition leaders started raising slogans in the House. Meanwhile, Nishikant Dubey retorted and said, ‘He is talking like Babur’s son.’

amnesia of Congress
In fact, the BJP MP quoted a foreign writer during the speech and said, ‘We Indians have amnesia, the Congress party has it too. It’s Amritkal, names are being changed… When the Congress party claims that they finished the British, gave the slogan of British Quit India, finished the symbol of the British. The British came around 1750 AD, but the Mughals came not much before that, Babur came in 1526 AD. So, if they are talking about ending the sign of the British, then what good do they have with the Mughals, who do not want to change their history.

Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition was raising slogans against the government. That’s why he said that I am talking about Mughals and not Muslims, he is talking like Babur’s child…’

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