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Healthy diet will save you from the effect of air pollution, consume these foods and drinks


Drinking raw turmeric mixed with milk is beneficial.
Ginger and basil leaves also strengthen immunity.

Best Foods To Reverse Deadly Effects of Air Pollution: After Diwali, the air in many cities of the country including Delhi-NCR has become toxic. Air pollution in these cities has reached alarming levels and people are facing difficulty in breathing. People who are already suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases are facing the most problems. Due to air pollution, people are falling prey to many types of infections and their health is deteriorating. You will be surprised to know that by making some changes in your diet, you can avoid the dangerous effects of air pollution. Know about this.

What do dietitians say?
of Noida Dietician Kamini Sinha, Founder, Diet Mantra It is said that due to air pollution, people become victims of many types of infections. To avoid this, you have to make some changes in the diet along with healthy lifestyle. If you make a drink by boiling raw turmeric, basil leaves and cloves in water early in the morning, then you will get plenty of antioxidants and other nutrients from it. This will give you relief from sore throat, stuffy nose, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and many other problems. You can also drink raw turmeric by boiling it in milk. With this, the temperature of your body will also be maintained.

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Black pepper and ginger are also very beneficial
According to dietician Kamini Sinha, you can strengthen your immunity and avoid the problems caused by air pollution by consuming ginger juice and black pepper powder. For this, mix black pepper powder in honey and eat it 2-3 times a day. You can also take ginger juice mixed with honey. If your immunity is strong then you can avoid infection caused by air pollution.

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Everyone should consume these things
According to the dietician, by consuming fruits rich in Vitamin C, you can keep yourself healthy in this season. You can consume kiwi and orange. Apart from this, definitely include jaggery in the diet. Mixing salt and cumin powder in soup and buttermilk is also very beneficial. To avoid pollution, you should drink plenty of water so that the metabolism does not slow down and the functioning of the body remains normal.

Eat plenty of vegetables and healthy foods
According to Kamini Sinha, people should include green vegetables, curd, milk and fruits in their diet to avoid the dangerous effects of air pollution. Apart from this, exercise and yoga should be done daily. Air pollution can be prevented by doing Kapalbhati. Keep in mind that exercise and yoga should be done at home to avoid toxic air. Through a healthy lifestyle and a good diet, you can strengthen your immunity and protect yourself from the harmful effects of pollution.

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