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Himachal elections: JP Nadda is in action to change the ‘custom’, victory in the home state is a question of prestige

New Delhi. The Himachal Pradesh assembly elections have become a question of prestige for BJP national president JP Nadda. The party has entrusted him with the task of changing the customs in his home state. The party has also given an election slogan – customs have to change. Now the responsibility of maintaining power in the hill state rests on his shoulders. Actually there is a myth in Himachal Pradesh that the ruling party loses the election, but now BJP is working day and night to break this myth. Here the top leadership of BJP has also thrown strength. Elections are to be held here on November 12. Party President Nadda himself addresses 3 rallies in a day apart from holding strategic meetings.

Party sources reveal that JP Nadda has started his campaign from October 30 and he is expected to hold a total of 21 rallies and address the highest number of rallies by any senior leader. JP Nadda is making every effort to pacify the workers upset over the dissatisfaction after ticket distribution so that the party can win this election. He has left no stone unturned to boost the morale of the common worker. However, some party leaders who failed to get tickets are now in the fray as independent candidates. These rebel leaders can damage the party’s prospects in the state.

Expectations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s four rallies

To woo the voters, BJP President JP Nadda is talking to and addressing them using the local dialect. Hopes are pinned on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s four rallies to swing votes in favor of the BJP and negate the influence of factionalism along with dissent. Party insiders said that Nadda has played a big role in finalizing the tickets of the candidates for the assembly elections. However, another challenge lies before the leader – his home constituency of Bilaspur.

Party needs to win Bilaspur

Everyone has their own assessment about the election and a leader says that Nadda is spending a lot of time meeting and talking to people who are troubled by ticket distribution. According to party insiders, when Nadda is campaigning across the state. At the same time, the party needs to win Bilaspur, which is not looking very promising. He needs to be delivered to the four assemblies in Bilaspur. There are four constituencies in Bilaspur district – Bilaspur Sadar, Jhanduta, Ghumarwin and Naina Devi. Barring Naina Devi, the BJP had won all three in the last assembly elections.

JP Nadda is busy in connecting voters

With dissidents contesting as independents, the party needs to maintain its previous track of winning three out of four seats. For this, Nadda is using the results and events of his previous elections in the state to connect with the voters of Bilaspur. When he began his address at a rally at home on Wednesday, he recalled how his opponents had spread the story of his being an ‘outsider’. Nadda said that he had actually brought Delhi to Bilaspur, proving him wrong.

Facing 21 dissidents who are contesting as independents

The BJP will also have to face 21 dissidents who are contesting as independents. Earlier an attempt was made, after which some leaders withdrew their candidature after much persuasion. Those working against the interests of the party continue to be suspended by the party in order to stop the anti-party activities and to create fear of action among the workers. Party leaders believe that Prime Minister Modi’s appeal to voters will give him the much-needed lead in the elections and ensure that the already divided Congress will not benefit from discontent in the BJP.

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