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History of February 4: Today’s history: Facebook launch, Zuckerberg changed the style of social media… Know the major events of February 4

New Delhi: The pace at which technology has progressed in the last two decades has completely changed the lifestyle of people. Advancements like phones, computers and the Internet have brought the world from your desk to your hands. February 4 has a special significance in this change in the social life of people through social media. In fact, on February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, along with three friends studying with him at Howard University, launched the website ‘Facebook’ and gave people around the world a new way of counting ‘Friends’ and ‘Likes’. . The condition is that billions of people in the world ‘share’ their every activity and this has become their world. Zuckerberg changed his fortune through Facebook and the picture of the whole world. It is probably the first thing after the weather that has the power to affect so many people in the world at once. Although, after this many such sites kept coming on social media, but Facebook firmly maintained its place. A series of other important events recorded on the date of February 4 in the history of the country and the world are as follows: –

1628: Shah Jahan was crowned as the Mughal emperor in Agra.

1922: Birth of Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, the flag of Indian classical music.

1938: Birth of Birju Maharaj, the country’s great seeker of Kathak dance.

1948: Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) got independence from Britain.

1973: Inauguration of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s largest merchant vessel. It was a super tanker of 88,000 DWT.

1974: Death of great physicist Surendra Nath Bose.

1976: A severe earthquake in Guatemala killed 23,000 people and injured more than 75,000.

1976: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization said that it had failed in its efforts to eradicate illiteracy. In this regard, the organization’s ten-year program focused on 11 countries including India.

1990: Ernakulam district of Kerala declared fully literate district of the country. Literacy rate was recorded here at 100 percent.

1994: America ended the trade embargo imposed against Vietnam.

1997: Two helicopters of Israel’s army collided in northern Israel. In this worst air accident in the history of the country, 73 people belonging to the army died.

1998: More than four thousand people died due to earthquake in the northeastern region of Afghanistan.

2001: The exiled government of Tibet announced that India has given refugee status to the Karmapa Lama. He moved to India in January 2000 as a teenager.

2003: Yugoslavia officially changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro.

2004: Facebook launch. It later became the largest social network in the world.

2006: The International Atomic Energy Agency sent the matter of making Iran’s nuclear weapons to the Security Council.

2014: Satya Nadella of Indian origin was appointed as the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Microsoft.

2022: Winter Olympics start in China.

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