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Home Minister Amit Shah paid tribute to Lachit Borphukan, said- If he was not there….

New Delhi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah while paying his tribute on the 400th birth anniversary of Assam’s famous general Lachit Borphukan said that the war hero Borphukan had fought the Mughals. If Lachit Borphukan was not there, the map of India would have been different. The Assam government has done the work of spreading the idea of ​​Lachit Borphukan. Today many functions are being organized from Assam to Delhi. Home Minister Amit Shah said this in his address at Vigyan Bhavan in the country’s capital Delhi.

Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Chief Minister of Assam Himantaji has done a very good job. Amit Shah said that I have been a student of history, I have always heard that our history has been twisted and written wrongly. This may be true, but who can stop us from writing about our glorious history now? I appeal to all the scholars and professors sitting here to research, study and write about the thirty empires that ruled over one and a half hundred years in any part of the country and the three hundred great personalities who fought for the independence of the country. Fought for and sacrificed. We need to revive the glorious history.

Write on 30 kingdoms of the country, new history will be made

Home Minister Amit Shah said that I am calling to choose 30 such empires and write on them.. New history will come. This government is ready to work for the pride of the country. Significantly, the Ahom dynasty ruled Assam for more than 600 years. Borphukan was such a mighty general of this empire, who faced the powerful Mughals in Saraighat in 1671 even after being seriously ill. defeated the Mughals. He died on 25 April 1672 after the war. Lachit Borphukan was born on 24 November 1622. A gold medal dedicated to the valor of Borphukan is awarded every year to the best cadet of the National Defense Academy. It is called the Lachit Borphukan Gold Medal. It was started in 1999.

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