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Home Minister Amit Shah told the importance of mother tongue, said- Avoid this mentality…


Union Minister Amit Shah said – Do not consider mother tongue as inferior
Asks students to get knowledge beyond books
Our country was once on top in all fields

New Delhi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, underlining the importance of coming out of the inferiority complex of their language, said on Monday that children can think better only in the mother tongue and the importance of the mother tongue in the new education policy. has given. Addressing the students selected for Atul Maheshwari scholarship at Akshay Urja Bhawan here, Shah said, ‘Study foreign language. It is necessary for personality development. But we have to come out of this mindset that our language is inferior or backward. If we take our language forward, it will help us move forward.

According to a release, Home Minister Amit Shah said that if we read beyond the scope of history books, then it will be known that our country was at the top position in the world in every field and in the field of innovation, research and development and even medical science. Also our country was at the top of the world. The Home Minister said that today’s children have a desire to study in the world famous universities of the world. He said that Nalanda, Taksh Shiksha and Vikramaditya University had proved their mettle in the field of knowledge in the whole world. He said that zero was discovered by Aryabhata, the diagnosis of disease was first described in Charaka Samhita and Sushruta also presented the nuances of anatomy to the world.

In these eight years from 2014, works were done to increase the confidence of the common people.
Home Minister Amit Shah said that in the last 75 years, all the governments took the country forward, but during these eight years from 2014, not only the pace of the country’s progress accelerated, but work was also done to increase the confidence of the common people. Huh. He expressed confidence that when India would be celebrating the centenary of independence, it would be at the forefront of the world in every field. He said that the Modi government has prepared all the platforms for the youth of the country to compete with the youth of the world and now they have to prepare themselves. He said that they should prepare themselves and the whole world is ready to welcome them.

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