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Horrific incident of ragging in Vellore Medical College, students were made to wear underwear, this is how it was revealed


There was horrific ragging with junior students in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Medical College.
Junior students were forced to walk around on underwear.
Seven senior students have been suspended during the preliminary inquiry.

Vellore. A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Vellore Christian Medical College located in Vellore city of Tamil Nadu, where seniors are seen behaving inhumanly with new students during ragging. The incident came to light when a video of ragging was posted on the Reddit website by a student. The viral video clearly shows the kind of harassment the new students have to go through. Actually, the video that has been posted is from October 9. In the video, the new students are seen running only in underwear. Water is being poured on them from a fire hydrant.

Apart from this, students are being forced to do obscene acts with other students and with the land. It is also seen in the viral video that senior students are also attacking the private parts of junior students. However, the video has been removed from the social media website Reddit post. It is being claimed that on October 9, the ‘Junior Mr. Men’s Hostel’ competition was organized in the college.

According to the post, new students enrolled in the college were forced to stay in their underwear. Surprisingly, in this program, the warden, deputy warden and some doctors acted as judges in this competition. When the warden and the doctor left after the event, the juniors were allegedly forced to walk around the hostel in underwear. Junior students were taken to the highest height of the hostel and hanged upside down by their feet. His clothes were taken off. He was slapped and beaten too.

Even in the dining area, students had to take permission to sit or leave at a certain table. It was also informed in the post that seniors used to slap juniors on small talk. It was a daily chore for juniors to undress in front of seniors and sometimes had to be completely naked. At the same time, after the Reddit post went viral, it has been told that the principal of CMC received an anonymous complaint and after a preliminary inquiry by a committee, seven senior students have been suspended.

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