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‘How can he do that?’ Sonia Gandhi was furious at Ashok Gehlot, looking for other names for the president’s election


The trouble of the Gandhi family increased due to the Rajasthan crisis
Sonia Gandhi got angry with Ashok Gehlot
Said- how can he do this?

New Delhi. In the midst of the Rajasthan crisis, what happened which no one had imagined. Sonia Gandhi, who often drinks anger among the people, got furious on Monday when Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken reached to meet her. Both were observers from Rajasthan and had come to report on Sunday’s developments to Sonia Gandhi. During this, Sonia Gandhi even asked both of them that ‘how can they do this?’

Sources tell that when Sonia Gandhi is angry, anything can happen. Therefore, when Kharge and Maken came to meet, they did not meet ‘Sonia Gandhi’, but an angry ‘Congress President’. Sources reveal that he expressed his displeasure over the Rajasthan crisis and even said about Ashok Gehlot that ‘how can he do this?’ Now the situation has worsened for Ashok Gehlot. Senior party leaders no longer want Gehlot to file nomination for the post of Congress National President. Not only this, now even if Gehlot files nomination, many leaders have made up their mind not to vote for him.

Gehlot always remained loyal to Gandhi family
It is being told that trust is a big deal for the Gandhi family. He has also suffered a setback in this matter many times. That’s why those who know the Gandhi family say that the Gandhi family gives priority to its members. Ashok Gehlot has always been his loyal and troubleshooter. Be it the Punjab crisis, the G-23 crisis or the attacks of Ghulam Nabi Azad, Gehlot has erected a strong wall for the security of the Gandhi family at all times. Because of this, when Gehlot’s people created trouble for the Gandhi family, it became difficult for Sonia Gandhi to accept this.

Looking for another option for the post of President
Sources reveal that Sonia has accepted the matter of strict action against some MLAs. Therefore, he has sought a written report from the observers regarding the Rajasthan developments. The Gandhi family has now started looking for other options for the post of Congress President except Gehlot. Although this task is not so easy, but through this the Gandhi family has got an opportunity to choose an option.

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