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How does death by hanging happen, does it really hurt a lot? Know why there was a demand for death penalty in another way

New Delhi: Death by hanging is inhumane. A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court for the demand of taking the life of a prisoner sentenced to death in an easier way instead of hanging. A bench headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice DY Chandrachud agreed with the petitioner’s contention that the death penalty is inhuman and extremely cruel. For this reason, the bench has also sought opinion from the government. The matter will be heard on May 2. The Supreme Court has indicated that if the matter moves forward, a committee of experts will be formed to find an alternative to hanging, which will suggest a scientific method of giving a more easy death. If it becomes a rule to give death in some other way instead of hanging, then there will be no need of executioner. Anyway, in many countries of the world, other than hanging, death is given to the prisoner in different ways. However, a question may arise in your mind that death is death, then whether it is given by hanging or by shooting or by giving poison, what difference will it make? So let’s know why the hanging has been called inhuman? Let us know what is the process of hanging and how the prisoner dies after hanging.

The process of hanging begins as soon as the mercy petition is rejected.

The last hope of relief for a death row prisoner is from the President of the country. On behalf of the prisoner, mercy is requested to the President to waive the death sentence. But when the mercy petition is rejected by the President, the prisoner is set to be hanged. As soon as all the doors of relief are closed, the concerned court issues black warrant or death warrant of the prisoner on the demand of the jail administration. The date, time and place of execution is written in this death warrant. Then the hanging rope is ordered. Keep in mind that the hanging rope is made only in Bihar’s Buxar Jail in the whole country, which is absolutely special. The rope is brought from Buxar jail to the jail where the prisoner is scheduled to be hanged. Here a sand bag is prepared according to the weight, height and neck of the prisoner and the trial is taken by repeatedly swinging it on a rope. Be aware that before hanging terrorist Afzal Guru, the rope had broken twice during the trial itself.

Know what happens before hanging

Here, the prisoner sentenced to death is removed from the normal barrack and transferred to the hanging cell or death cell. He is allowed to go out for half an hour in twenty-four hours. The rule is that if the prisoner wants to write his will, the magistrate is called from the court to the jail and the prisoner writes his will in front of him. Before hanging, on the wish of the prisoner, his relative is also introduced. You must have seen this in films and also heard in poetry. Now know one thing that on the day the prisoner is hanged, all the work of the jail remains at a standstill until this process is completed. This is the reason why the hanging is done before sunrise so that the work of the jail is not affected. For this, the prisoner is woken up at four in the morning. Often the one who is to be hanged stays awake whole night in fear. At four in the morning the prisoner is asked to take a bath and is given new clothes to wear. That morning only tea is offered to the prisoner.

Death by Hanging: Now the executioner will not be needed, discussion on other methods of death penalty

Why are people hanged in the morning only?

At the appointed time, the prisoner is taken out of the cell with his face covered. Many times the prisoner is unable to take a step due to fear, then the policemen hang him and bring him to the place of execution. Where the hanging is done, there is a doctor, SDM, jailer and deputy superintendent. Also, 10 constables and 2 head constables are also present there. There the executioner binds the prisoner’s hands and feet by wearing a black cloth over his mouth. Then, at the appointed time, the jailer throws down the handkerchief and indicates to pull the lever. On receiving the signal, the executioner pulls the lever. Both the straps slip from under the prisoner’s feet and the prisoner swings down with a rope tied around his neck. What happens after that, people are calling it inhuman and cruel.

Know how death occurs by hanging

what happens? Be aware that seven Cervical Vertebrae are found in the neck. Its topmost vertebra is the atlas, which connects the neck to the head. When after pulling the lever, the prisoner’s body hangs on the rope and he is in agony. He is in severe pain. Firstly, due to the sudden coming down of the rope with the weight of the whole body, there is stress on the bones of the neck and then when the prisoner’s shudder breaks the neck altus vertebra. But how long it takes for the atlas, the bone connecting one’s neck and head, to break depends on the weight of the prisoner as well as the strength of his neck muscles, bones and their joints, etc. Experts say that sometimes it takes one to one and a half minutes. During this, the prisoner is in unbearable pain. Then when the atlas breaks, the supply of oxygen to the prisoner’s brain stops and he becomes unconscious. Experts say, ‘After hanging on the noose, the top bones of the prisoner’s vertebral column are broken. When the spinal cord is severed, the connection between the body and the brain is severed. The prisoner immediately faints due to lack of blood supply to the brain. It takes a few minutes for every part of his body to relax, but the prisoner becomes brain dead as soon as he is hanged.

Death after unconsciousness and then…

Every effort is made to ensure that the prisoner dies as soon as possible after hanging and that he has to undergo the least amount of suffering. That’s why a special method of tying a rope knot around the neck is also adopted. According to experts, the best option for instant death is to place a knot under the chin so that the prisoner’s head is pulled back when the lever is pulled and it breaks immediately due to excessive force on the atlas. But in this position there is also a possibility of the rope slipping here and there. That’s why a knot is placed under the left ear. Then, after pulling the lever, the prisoner’s neck tilts to the right and the body moves slightly to the left. In this state, due to breaking of the atlas even by flirting, the prisoner first becomes unconscious, then he dies. As per the procedure, after half an hour of hanging, the doctor confirms the prisoner’s death by checking his pulse. After that the dead body is taken off the gallows.

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