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How long will this road connecting Noida and Delhi remain closed? Due to increase in distance of 5 km people are feeling dizzy

Akhand Pratap, Ghaziabad: On Wednesday, on the orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the Housing Development Council has closed the Siddharth Vihar road connecting Noida and Delhi at two places. Now thousands of people from more than nine societies living here will have to walk more than 5 kilometers via New Link Road.

People told that this road was closed on Wednesday without any information. Because of which he had trouble reaching the office and other places. People said what kind of solution is this. This will also result in wastage of fuel over time. In fact, on Tuesday, the NGT team had come here to inspect. During that time the officials of the Housing Development Board were strongly reprimanded. The UPPCB has recommended a fine of Rs 13.5 lakh on the Housing Development Board for this road. It is being told that this road has been in bad shape for years. Dust blows here everyday due to the movement of vehicles. Due to which pollution spreads. NGT officials said that till the construction work of the road is not completed. Till then this road should be kept closed. Alternative routes should be given for commuting.

I have a catering job. Have to come till late night everyday. Road closures will now take extra time and fuel. By the way, the condition of the road coming from the other side is also similar. Drain and RCC road should be made here on both sides.

Vijender Singh Rawat

NBT was continuously raising the matter
NBT was continuously raising the issue of dust blowing from the broken road. UPPCB had also once written a letter on this matter to the officials of the Housing Development Board regarding the closure of this road. Even after this the road was not closed. Because of which the pollution level was continuously increasing due to dust blowing.

Housing development officials had assured the residents of Siddharth Vihar to make pucca road instead of kutcha road, but the problem has increased further due to the negligence of the officers. Due to the NGT ban, going to office and dropping children to school will now cost more time and fuel.

– Rituraj Lakhera

bike traffic continues
The road was sealed by the Housing Development Council. Even after this, the bikers are continuing to travel on this by removing this strip. Not only this, but due to the open side, some car owners are also coming out. Yes, it is definitely that the movement of heavy vehicles has definitely stopped due to the closure of the road.

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