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Huge ruckus on Congress’s tweet about RSS, BJP said – this is not ‘Jodo India’, set fire to Yatra

Sambit Patra Reaction on Congress Tweet: There is a huge uproar over the controversial tweet of the Congress regarding the dress of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). BJP leader Sambit Patra has termed the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ of the Congress as a ‘fire movement’. Sambit Patra has asked why Congress loves fire so much?

In fact, today a picture of RSS dress was shared by the official handle of Congress party, in which a khaki half pant is shown burning from one side. The caption read, “Step by step, we will reach our goal, freeing the country from the shackles of hatred and the damage done by BJP-RSS.” The picture read, “145 days more to go.” ‘

What did Sambit Patra say?

Attacking this tweet of Congress, Sambit Patra said, “The way Rahul Gandhi is spreading hatred in the name of India couples, it has been exposed by BJP. The Congress party has made a controversial tweet. You all know that their India couples journey is still in Kerala, how many Sangh workers have been killed and are happening. Through this picture, the Congress party has sent a message to the terrorists there. Is this India? It’s a fire-fighting journey. Congress party did not do such a tweet for the first time, Rahul Gandhi has given a speech at Cambridge University – Kerosene has been sprinkled all over India, just a match is needed, the whole of India will be on fire.

Attacking Rahul Gandhi and Congress, Sambit Patra further said, “Even about Farmers’ Law, he had said that there would be a fire. Even at the time of Agniveer, Rahul Gandhi had said that India should be set on fire. Why do they love fire so much? 5000 Sikhs were burnt alive, your family also loves fire. Do you want violence in this country? Wanna make a fire? This is not the India Jodo movement, it is the Todo India movement and it is the fire movement. Regarding the tweet, Sambit Patra said, “The Congress party should delete it immediately. By abusing Mother India, they say that she is the mother who gives disease.”

UP minister attacks Congress

At the same time, Uttar Pradesh’s PW Minister Jitin Prasad said about the controversial tweet of Congress, “Political differences are natural and understandable but is this kind of mentality needed to burn political opponents? This politics of negativity and hatred should be condemned by all.”

BJP Yuva Morcha national president Tejashwi Surya tweeted, “In 1984, the fire of Congress burnt Delhi. Its ecosystem burnt alive 59 kar sevaks in Godhra in 2002. He has again called for violence from his ecosystem.

Congress’s allegation on BJP

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the rest of the party leaders are constantly accusing the BJP of breaking the country and doing socio-communal polarisation. Congress has set a target of completing its Bharat Jodi Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 150 days. According to the party, a padyatra of 3750 km will be done during this period.

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