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Husband being fired from Microsoft upset woman, asked question about getting married, viral on social media

New Delhi, Recently, the dismissal of employees by Tech Companies Layoff is making headlines. During this, many of the sacked people took to various social platforms to explain in detail about this life-changing event and the status of their new jobs. Amid reports of layoffs, a woman took to social media to ask netizens to help her take an important decision of her life. She wanted to know whether she should marry her fiancé who had recently been fired from Microsoft.

The woman claimed that it was an arranged marriage and their marriage was fixed in February 2023. Furthermore, she said that her family is aware of the current employment status of her future husband. The woman wrote, “I am not sure whether I should still marry him or not.” A screenshot of the woman’s post has been shared on Twitter by a user named @AbbakkaHypatia. The post received mixed comments. While some said it was funny, others found it a serious question. One person wrote, “How easy it is to make decisions when the heart is not involved.” One user wrote that he could not stop laughing at the word ‘upcoming husband’. A third user said, “Where is feminism?”

Meanwhile, the post has been seen by 30 thousand people so far. Apart from the woman’s question, the Twitter user also shared a screenshot of the answer to her question. In this, tell three solutions for both. The first one included the person who was getting the job done as soon as possible. The second solution suggested that the woman marry the man as she would get a huge discount from the company.

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