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Husband conspired to get insurance money, got his wife killed in a road accident

Jaipur: In Jaipur, a case has come to light of a man allegedly killing his wife in a road accident to get Rs 1.90 crore as insurance. Police said that at the behest of her husband, the woman Shalu was going to the temple along with her brother Raju sitting on a motorcycle at around 5.45 am on October 5, when an SUV vehicle hit her motorcycle, killing the woman on the spot. It happened and Raju also died during treatment.

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Shalu’s family thought it was a road accident, but the police got suspicious and investigated all aspects of the case. Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Vandita Rana said on Wednesday that Shalu’s husband Mahesh Chand had taken insurance for his wife sometime back for a period of 40 years, under which Rs 1 crore in case of death due to natural causes and Rs 1 crore in case of death due to accident. But Rs 1.90 crore was to be received.

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He told that Mahesh and Shalu were married in 2015 and they have a daughter. He told that after two years of marriage, there were quarrels between the two and Shalu started living in her maternal house. He had also registered a case of domestic violence in 2019. Rana told that in the meanwhile Mahesh conspired to kill Shalu after getting her insured and when she was living at her maiden, he started talking to her regularly with this intention.

He told that he told Shalu that he had a wish and to fulfill it he (Shalu) would have to go to the Hanuman temple for 11 consecutive days on a motorcycle without telling anyone. He also said that once her wish is fulfilled, he will bring her home with him, after which Shalu started going to the temple with her brother on a motorcycle.

Rana told that he had given money to a person named Mukesh Singh Rathod, who had a criminal background, to get his wife killed in a road accident, which hit a motorcycle with an SUV. The police officer said that apart from Mahesh and Mukesh, SUV owner Rakesh Singh and another person Sonu have been arrested in this case. He told that two other accused in this case are absconding and search is on for them.

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