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Husband who loves his wife very much finds new lover for wife, says – be happy with her like me

Very few people will be seen and heard in the world who become restless to hand over their own love to others. There was such a man who himself finds a lover for his wife. Whoever heard this story was shocked. But when the wife herself mentioned this whole incident in a book, the readers got tears in their eyes. Everyone is appreciating the husband who had found a new lover for his wife while he was alive.

Deirdre Fagan was extremely happy with her first husband, Bob. There was an undying love between the two. Yet Bob wanted to find a lover for his wife. And in the end, Fagan also married the lover. Fagan wrote a book on his ordeal called ‘Find Place for Me’. Where he told the whole story behind finding a lover. In fact, Fagan’s husband Bob had a serious illness. And the doctors told him to be alive for barely 1 year. Hearing this, Fagan’s heart broke. But Bob always wanted to see his wife happy. That is why he expressed his desire to start life with a new partner.

Husband battling serious illness finds new love for his wife
At the age of 43, Bob was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In which the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord start getting affected. As soon as he told this to Fagan, his senses were blown away. It is a matter of 2011 that Bob and Fagan had been married for 12 years. Fagan immediately scolded Bob for looking for a lover for himself. But gradually a companion named Dave entered his life. Who was his old college friend. However, they did not have a deep friendship then. His first love Bob is still alive in Fagan’s heart.

Married to lover after husband’s death
Gradually Dave’s visits to the house increased, and along with Fagan, Dave and Bob also became close friends. During that time, Bob’s illness started increasing. When Bob died in October 2012, Dave was also present with him. Fagan was completely shattered by Bob’s death. So Dave increased his visits to the house so that he could take care of the children and Fagan. Fagan had not talked about love and marriage with Dave for a long time. Later one day he told all of Bob’s things to Dave. And both got married. Dave and Fagan have been married for 7 years now, both are happy together and still remember Bob deeply.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 30, 2022, 09:57 IST



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