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‘If non-Hindus had gone to Pakistan at the time of independence…’, Giriraj got angry on Badruddin Ajmal’s statement

Giriraj Singh News: Union Minister Giriraj Singh has been enraged over the controversial statement of Badruddin Ajmal while advocating Sanatan Dharma. Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that people like Badruddin and Owaisi should not advise us. Love has always been worshiped in Sanatan Dharma and it is a symbol that our forefather King Sagar had sixty thousand sons. Our forefathers neither married nor did this with the girl child of the family.

Assam’s Muslim leader Badruddin Ajmal had said that in the past Hindus used to have many wives illegally. He said in a program in Assam that he (Hindus) keeps 2-3 wives illegally before 40 years. After 40 years, where is the ability to have a child in them. They should adopt the formula of Muslims and get their children married at the age of 18-20 years. Badruddin Ajmal is the President of All India United Democratic Front.

What did Giriraj Singh say?

The Union Minister said that if all the people who are non-Hindus had gone to Pakistan at the time of independence and only the followers of Sanatan would have remained here, then people like Badruddin and Owaisi would not have abused us today. He said that your tongue is not opening on China where China brought one child policy and Muslims also had to obey this order in China. You are giving us advice on population control in India. Union Minister Giriraj Singh is in his parliamentary constituency Begusarai on a four-day tour and he said these things on Saturday (December 3) on the occasion of the launch of Gayatri Yagya. central minister

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Rahul Gandhi targeted

Giriraj Singh has also launched a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi. He said that he should first understand the culture of Sanatan Dharma. We worship all the deities including Durga, Kali, Sita equally and consider them as the form of mother. In fact, Rahul Gandhi had said that only Shriram is spoken in RSS, words like Siyaram do not come out of the mouth of RSS and BJP people because there is no respect for women in BJP.

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‘Hindus keep 1,2,3 wives illegally before 40 years’, controversial statement of Badruddin Ajmal

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