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If Rahul Gandhi wants, his government bungalow can be saved, just have to do this work

New Delhi. Even after losing the Lok Sabha membership, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi can get relief from vacating the government bungalow due to security reasons. It is not that Rahul Gandhi has to vacate the official bungalow. After losing the Lok Sabha membership, the Housing Committee has sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi to vacate the government bungalow. Government bungalow at 12 Tughlaq Road has been asked to vacate. He has been given permission for this till 22 April.

Rahul Gandhi sent a letter to the Lok Sabha Secretariat
On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi said in a letter sent to the Lok Sabha Secretariat, ‘I have happy memories of the time spent here fulfilling the responsibility of the public as a Lok Sabha MP for the last four terms. Without prejudice to my rights, I will abide by what is written in your letter. According to the rules, he will have to vacate his bungalow within a month. But if Rahul Gandhi wants, he will not have to vacate the government bungalow.

One month’s time is given to vacate the bungalow
Allotment of government bungalow has its own rules and regulations. As per the rules, if a Member of Parliament loses the election or his membership is cancelled, he is asked to vacate the bungalow immediately. However, according to the rules, they also get one month’s time. If someone needs a deferment of one month or more, then they have to request in front of the housing committee, but it will depend on the committee whether it gives additional deferment or not.

Government bungalow is available for security reasons
If Rahul Gandhi wants, his official bungalow can be saved due to security reasons. On this provision, Rahul Gandhi will have to request the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation not to vacate the bungalow, citing security. Home Minister Amit Shah is the chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation.
The Cabinet Committee on Accommodation will decide whether to retain Rahul Gandhi’s bungalow in view of security or not.

Many leaders did not have to vacate the bungalow due to security reasons
The committee takes a decision on the basis of the report of the security agency whether to retain the official bungalow or not. In view of security, many former MPs have been given the right to retain Bangla even after not being an MP. Like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Murli Manohar Joshi, LK Advani, BSP supremo Mayawati have got the right to keep the bungalow with themselves.

Many leaders were forced to vacate the bungalow
Although many leaders had to vacate the bungalow despite their wishes. In these, the government bungalows of Ajit Singh, Pappu Yadav, Ranjita Ranjan, Nand Kumar Sahay were vacated. In view of security, Maninder Singh Bitta has got a government bungalow. Ashwani Minna, the owner of Punjab Kesari Hindi newspaper, got government accommodation due to security. Subramanian Swamy was allotted a government residence due to security reasons before becoming an MP. Earlier, Priyanka Gandhi was allotted a government bungalow due to SPG security reasons.

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