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If the promises made to the public are not fulfilled, then Team Anna will protest against the BJP!

Lucknow: Anna Hazare’s secretary Kalpana Inamdar said on Thursday that if the BJP does not fulfill its promises made to the public after 2014, then Team Anna will start a protest against it. He said that the people had given a thumping majority to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but it has failed to fulfill its promises when it came to power. Inamdar said at a press conference organized by the Rashtriya Kisan Manch here that the people trapped in the web of corruption and inequalities supported Anna in all his agitations in the year 2011 and thereafter, and as an alternative to the Congress, the BJP was voted to power with a majority. handed over.

But in the last eight years of BJP’s tenure, the condition of the country’s rural areas has become even worse, he said. At the same time, he said that corruption has increased in the country, industrialists are looting the wealth of villages and the government is silent. Inamdar said that despite Anna Hazare writing several letters, it is beyond comprehension not to take the schemes on the ground as promised by the Narendra Modi government at the Center.

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He said, “If soon the Modi government does not take steps to fulfill the promises made before the elections, then again the Anna team will work to make the public aware and remove the BJP from the government.” Rashtriya Kisan Manch President Shekhar Dixit said on this occasion that it is easy to get votes by fighting people in the name of religion, but working on the land for the same people is not under the control of the BJP government. He said that today the farmers and youth of the country are desperate, sad and disappointed.

On this occasion, retired IAS officer Kamal Tawari said that if the government really wants to save the culture of the villages and the country, then it will have to leave the politics of “cow and saints” and work on the ground. “The truth is that the work has not even started yet,” he said.

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