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If tricolor is insulted abroad then what are the rules, how much punishment is there in India?

Tricolor Insulted: Khalistan supporters insulted India’s national flag tricolor in Britain. After the video of the insult of the tricolor hoisted at the Indian High Commission in Britain went viral, this incident is being criticized all over the world including India. The Central Government has strongly condemned the insult to the National Flag of India. People on social media are demanding strict action against Khalistan supporters who insult the tricolor. But is it possible that the same punishment can be given in India for insulting the tricolor, the same action can be given for hurting the honor of the Indian national flag in foreign countries as well?

What is the responsibility of the concerned country if the national flag of India is insulted abroad? Can the Government of India take any action on the concerned country for not being able to protect the honor of the tricolor? Presently, in connection with the incident in London, the Government of India has summoned the British diplomat in Delhi and expressed strong objection to this act of the Khalistanis. Along with this, the Ministry of External Affairs has asked Britain that who gave permission to the Khalistan supporters to enter the Indian High Commission premises in London?

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How much punishment for insulting the tricolor in India?
First of all, know that if a person insults the National Flag in India, then what kind of action is taken against him? In India, strict action is taken against the person who insults the tricolor under the National Flag Code. According to the rules of the Indian Flag Code, if a person intentionally disrespects the tricolor, then there is a provision of imprisonment for 3 years. A lot has been told about the three colors of the national flag in the National Flag Code. Along with this, the right way to fold the tricolor has also been told.

In India, strict action is taken against the person who insults the tricolor under the National Flag Code.

National flag code tells your responsibility
The National Flag Code also mentions the places where the tricolor can be hoisted for 24 hours and seven days. At the same time, it has also been told how long to keep it hoisted on special days and when to take it down and keep it with respect. According to the Flag Code of India, as a citizen of India, it is your responsibility not to allow the flag of the country to be insulted in or around your house. If someone insults the flag even by mistake, then tell him the right way. If someone is deliberately insulting or using wrongly, then immediately file a complaint in the nearest police station.

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What can India do on insult abroad
Now let’s talk about what the Indian government can do if the tricolor is insulted abroad? First of all, the Government of India can summon the diplomat of the country where the tricolor has been insulted, and express its objection to the answer. In the present cases also, the central government took the same step first. Actually, under the international protocol, every country has to provide complete protection to the Indian symbols and properties present on its land. This is the first responsibility of all countries.

What questions can India ask from other countries?
If any symbol or property associated with India is damaged in any way in any country, then the Ministry of External Affairs can directly call for an answer from that country. Government of India can ask the concerned country why the incident happened? What kind of action was taken against those involved in the incident? Who is responsible for the security breach? What action is being taken against those people? What arrangements are being made to avoid repetition of such incidents in future? In some cases, the concerned country is also asked to apologize for not being able to stop the incident.

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Indians living in Britain protested outside the Indian High Commission in London and demanded action against those who insulted the tricolor.

What is the responsibility of other countries?
It depends on the country concerned whether or not to take action after the Government of India objected to the damage to Indian symbols and property. If no action is taken, it is assumed that the country concerned is unwilling to make any effort to stop the offending person or group from committing the acts. In other words, the country concerned is giving it permission to do so. In such a situation, discussions begin at the diplomatic level.

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What will happen if you don’t take action?
If action is not taken against the person or group who insults the symbols associated with the honor of the country, sometimes the relationship between the two ends at many levels. Many times warnings have also been given to take strict action against the concerned country for not taking action. On the other hand, if the concerned country expresses its inability to provide complete security in the future, then the country which is being insulted can also adopt the policy of ‘as is it’. He can say that if you cannot give us security then we are also removing security from your properties in our country.

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