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If women don’t buy condoms then why shouldn’t women buy condoms…?

The woman had to buy condoms but the woman does not buy condoms. So what should a woman do?

She kept roaming with the money. No one knew that she had come to meet her boyfriend and had to collect condoms. Her lover’s leg was hurt. He could not walk but could love. So it was decided that the girl should go to buy condoms. The woman had to buy condoms but the woman does not buy condoms. So what should a woman do?

She kept on roaming. He looked around to see if there was a store with a woman shopkeeper, but he did not see anyone. There were men at every shop. The girl felt very lonely.

Meanwhile, that girl also remembered how there are a lot of such videos on YouTube in which a single girl has gone out to buy a condom and how much trouble she is facing. Some call him characterless, some a class loafer. Such videos were watched a lot, probably because the degradation of women is seen in them.

In the midst of these dilemmas, her lover called her to come back. I have a feeling that it would not be right for you to buy condoms from any shop. Everyone will laugh at you. The girl said that she has a lot of heart to love. The man was hurt by the fact that the girl is saying so clearly that she has a lot of heart. He didn’t like it. He tried to convey his words to the girl wandering on the road in a sweaty state. The girl told the boy that I am on the road and because of the noise, you cannot hear properly.

The girl kept wandering and thinking what to do. The girl was wondering how it could happen that she should enter a store and ask to give condoms. Why is she not able to do such a simple thing. She kept on roaming. In the small market, people felt that a beautiful and lustful woman was roaming around.

The woman had to buy condoms but the woman does not buy condoms. So what should a woman do?

The man sitting at home with broken leg was thinking that the girl who talks in such a way that she has a lot of desire for coitus, he has to think again – she cannot be his wife.

A girl roaming in the market suddenly entered a store. He told the shopkeeper that he wanted condoms. Despite saying very softly, the people around heard that a girl had come to buy condoms. They started looking for him.

Despite hearing that a girl had asked for a condom, the shopkeeper said that yes, what did you say, what do you want. The girl said that condom is needed. The shopkeeper raised his voice a bit and said which brand is needed: Kamasutra, Moods or Manforce? The girl said that K.S. The shopkeeper said that Kamasutra? Dotted or only lubricated? Dotted, said the girl. The shopkeeper said whether the dots should be small or big? The girl said, elder. Big enough. The shopkeeper said, colour? The girl said, skin colour. So that it is not known that something is worn.

The girl was tired of pretending to be courageous. When she came out of the store, she was red like pomegranate and embers. She was trembling. Meanwhile, when the girl’s lover called, the girl disconnected it. While running, she boarded a bus, the conductor of the bus asked her where the ticket was and she said to leave the earth.

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