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If you can’t take care of wife and kids, don’t get married again… HC’s important comment on marriage of Muslims

Prayagraj:The Allahabad High Court has given an important decision regarding the second marriage of Muslim youths. The court said that if a person is not able to take care of his first wife and children, then he should not marry again. The court termed it cruelty to the first wife. At the same time, referring to the verses of the Quran, the court said that the second marriage is not allowed to the one who is unable to do justice to the wife and children.

The High Court, while giving a verdict in a case, said that any country and society can be civilized only when women are respected there. For this the court quoted Surah 4 verse 3 of the Quran to say that if the young man is not able to take care of the wife and children, then in such a situation the second marriage will not be allowed.

A bench of Justices S P Kesarwani and Rajendra Kumar upheld the judgment of the family court in Sant Kabirnagar, where a man named Azizur Rahman had appealed to keep the first wife with him. Although wife Hamidunnisha had said that she does not want to live together. The court also ordered that there cannot be an order to live with the husband against his will.

The court said that when the first wife and children cannot bear the expenses, then the second marriage should be avoided on its own. It is cruelty to marry again without the consent of the wife. If the court compels her to live with the husband against the will of the first wife, it will be a violation of the constitutional right to personal liberty and a dignified life.

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