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Imran Pratapgarhi hit back at BJP MP’s statement, said – On the lips of Giriraj…

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Imran Pratapgarhi

Congress MP has hit back at BJP MP Giriraj’s statement regarding madrassas. The Congress MP retorted and said that BJP should put Feviquick on the lips of MP Giriraj Singh so that he cannot make any nonsense and baseless statement in the desire of appearing on TV. Let us inform you that this morning Giriraj Singh had said that madrassas are running illegally in Bihar. The state government should immediately ban such madrassas.

“Apply Feviquik on Giriraj Singh’s lips”

On this statement, Congress MP Imran Pratapgarhi has retorted and said that BJP should put Feviquick on the lips of Giriraj Singh, so that Giriraj Singh cannot make baseless statements out of a desire to appear on TV. Imran further said that the Home Ministry is with the BJP, for years the ministry has been investigating madrassas. BJP and Home Ministry should tell what they got by repeatedly raising questions on Madrasas.

“It has no effect on the ground.”

MP Imran also gave a statement regarding increasing the budget of Maulana Azad Economic Development Board in Maharashtra to Rs 500 crore and said that all this is limited to figures only, it will not have any impact on the ground. Because the government only shows the figures and does no work. This too will be limited only till the announcement. The fire of Maratha reservation is burning in Maharashtra, the government knows this, hence now many people have started talking about Muslim reservation. The government is entangled in all this.

“Getting majority everywhere”

At the same time, regarding the elections in five states, Imran said that we are forming the government in four states. Congress is getting majority everywhere. I went to all the states, talked to people on the ground. Congress is winning.

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