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In Bihar, the child is trapped in the pillar of the bridge for 24 hours, how to save, the breath is stuck in the throat

Rohtas Boy Rescue Operation: There has been a big disclosure about the boy trapped in the pillar of the bridge built on the Son river in Rohtas. That boy was trapped between the pillar and the wall for the last 24 hours. But no one could find out. At last his cries made a woman reach him.

Rohtas: The SDRF team is engaged in the rescue operation in Rohtas since Thursday morning. This rescue operation is being done to save the boy, who is trapped between the pillar and the wall of the bridge over Son river. There is a problem in getting food to him. Although the rescue team is delivering water through pipes to him. There is an attempt to cut a part of the pillar, so that the boy gets a way out. Although the rescue team could not get this success till the news was written. Despite this, the SDRF team has put full force on the spot. During this, a big information came to the fore.

boy caught in the trap of catching pigeon

According to the latest information, this boy named Ranjan was passing through the bridge. Meanwhile he saw a pigeon sitting on the pillar. He quietly got down from the bridge and came to the pillar. After this he tried to catch the pigeon. But the pigeon entered between the pillar and the wall. The boy also followed him there. But the boy got stuck as soon as he went inside. Overall, the boy got trapped between the pillar and the wall while trying to catch the pigeon.
Rohtas News Live: Boy trapped between pillar and wall of bridge in Bihar, efforts to save continue

The boy was trapped for 24 hours, the woman heard the sound and came to know

Trapped between the pillar and the wall of the bridge, 12-year-old Ranjan was missing from home for the last two days. He is mentally ill. It is learned that he got stuck between the pillar and the wall of the bridge 24 hours ago i.e. on Wednesday afternoon itself. But no one could find out. He was stuck there throughout the night and into the morning. After this in the morning a lady was passing by. The atmosphere was also calm, so he heard someone’s cry. When the woman peeped there, she was shocked to see the boy trapped. When the woman started making noise, people gathered and after 24 hours people came to know about the boy.
Input- Amit Kumar

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