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In Karnal, the doctor kept on getting treatment from a fraudulent doctor, the death of a 5-month-old child, the accused absconded

Karnal, A case of death of a 5-month-old child has come to light in village Darad of Karnal district of Haryana due to wrong medicine of a quacks. Based on the complaint of the relatives, the police started investigating the matter. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot late in the night and took the child’s body in possession and started further action.

According to the information, Darad resident told that his 5-month-old son Samar was having fever for the last several days, after which he took him to the clinic built in the village. Where the quack doctor started the treatment of his child. For three days’ treatment, he took 6 thousand rupees. Late on Sunday night, his son again got fever, after which he again went to the quackery doctor to take medicine, then he gave the medicine. Even after giving medicine to the son, he did not recover.

again given stomach pain medicine

His son fell asleep due to night’s medicine, but again in the morning his son got pain in his stomach. After which Surjeet again gave him a medicine. When Samar was given medicine, his condition kept getting worse. His eyes started closing. In the evening, he took her to the government hospital in Karnal. Even there the doctors gave him the answer. Later, he was taken to a private hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.

After the death of the child, where the family members are in a bad condition by crying. There is also a lot of anger among the villagers. When the people of the village got the information about the death of the child, till late night, the people of the village gathered outside the clinic. The whole village gathered outside the clinic. When the child’s death was reported, the treating doctor fled the spot. On getting the information, the police reached the spot. The police rounded up two boys working at the clinic and also informed the health department about the matter.

Police took the dead body

Ankit, in-charge of Ramba outpost, who reached the spot, said that the police had received information about the child’s death late in the night. After the information, when the police reached the spot, two boys would be able to work at the clinic. Both the boys were rounded up for questioning.

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